Welcome to Hometree Farms! I’m Emi. I’m a child of God, happily married, with a beautiful baby boy.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. When I was diagnosed with PCOS, I wanted to know why this happened and how I could put myself in the best possible position for a happy and healthy life. I believe that eating natural foods and staying active is the best way to do this. That’s why I’m growing my own food, preparing low carb meals, and exercising regularly.

We started our homestead in June 2022. It is my goal to give my family the best possible environment for their physical and spiritual health as well as their growth.

I believe that God made every individual unique and that there isn’t some magic formula for every person. I’m not going to try to sell you some diet or workout routine that will make everything better, but instead encourage you to find what works for you individually. It is my opinion that healing through natural means, such as lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, etc., should be the first option. There’s a place for other things as well, medical intervention or medication, but if I can create change on my own, I want to strive for that.

No matter your situation, whether you are overweight, struggle with a health condition, or just want to know how to live a happier, healthier life, you are welcome. Come along with me as I lose weight, seek Jesus, and strive for fitness and nutrition that works for my body.

Hometree Wellness

I got my wellness coach certification in March 2023. I offer in-person coaching for those in the Tyler, TX area, but I can also do coaching sessions over the phone or video call. If you’re interested in achieving a health goal through wellness coaching, email me at flandersem99@gmail.com.

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